Defi Kingdoms – Bridge from Serendale to Crystalvale and Earn $CRYSTAL

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Are you as big a fan of Defi Kingdoms as we are? Have your heroes have been questing relentlessly on Harmony stacking $JEWEL?  Now’s the time to bridge from Serendale to Crystalvale and start earning $CRYSTAL from those new gardens! This step by step guide will help you move your $JEWEL from Harmony to Avalanche and have you stacking that coveted $CRYSTAL in no time.


May 11th 2022| Mike Humphrey


What is Crystalvale

Defi Kingdoms - Bridge from Serendale to Crystalvale

If you haven’t heard, the Defi Kingdoms dev team announced in early December 2021, that they would be creating a new realm called Crystalvale on the Avalanche block chain.  The highly anticipated cross-chain expansion of the ever popular Defi Kingdoms franchise promised the development of a new game token $CRYSTAL, new heroes and a plethora of new quests.  For those DFK veterans it was a welcome surprise and an opportunity to get in on the game again at the ground floor.

Crystalvale is designed off of the original Serendale kingdom and has many of the same features and areas, but with a new feel.  Once in the game you will recognize the standard Serendale areas including the Marketplace, Docks, Gardens and Jeweler.  Instead of the castle however, you will notice the cradle at the center of the map.  Along with a different look and feel the game also introduces a number of new NPC’s and what looks like a much richer back story.  There are quite a few little Easter eggs hidden throughout the realm and it’s worth taking a bit of time to explore.

Defi Kingdoms -Bridge from Serendale to Crystalvale - World Map


Another big difference between Serendale and Crystalvale is the chain it operates on.  Serendale uses the Harmony block chain and transactions require the $ONE token to pay the gas fees.  Crystalvale however operates on a proprietary subnet on the Avalanche eco system.  The new DFK chain uses the in game $JEWEL token to pay gas fees.  This is a big bonus for those long time $JEWEL farmers as it increases the long term utility of the token

Avalanche and DFK Chain

In order to bring the world of Defi Kingdoms to Avalanche, the DFK dev team partnered with AVA Labs to create and pioneer the first GameFi Avalanche subnet.  Avalanche subnet technology allows projects to section off a group of Avalanche validators and commission them to validate transactions outside of the primary chain.  By commissioning the DFK Subnet Defi Kingdoms is now able to run and manage it’s own proprietary EVM blockchain for Crystalvale.  A huge step forward for the franchise.

Why Create the DFK Subnet?

JEWEL as Gas Token

By creating a proprietary Defi Kingdoms subnet the $JEWEL token can evolve from just being the Serendale governance token to the Network Gas Token of the new chain.  Players will use $JEWEL to pay for transaction on the DFK chain, increasing it’s utility and burn rate.

What Happens to the Gas Fees?

  • A portion is used to pay commissions to the chain validators
  • A portion is burnt (deflates the $JEWEL supply and increases the token value)
  • A portion is sent to the Quest Fund which will be used to reward the community and players

Bridging from Harmony to DFK Chain

The DFK dev team has made bridging from Harmony to Avalanche a relatively simple process.  The Dockmaster has an inter-chain bridge built in, that will allow you to transfer directly from Serendale to Crystalvale with minimal hassle.  Follow the steps below to bridge your $JEWEL tokens to the new DFK chain and begin farming $CRYSTAL.

      1. $JEWEL

        As mentioned above, the DFK chain uses $JEWEL as the gas token. You will need bridge $JEWEL to the new network in order to be able to perform transactions on the new chain. You will need to have $JEWEL in your wallet in order to bridge to the new chain. You can add $JEWEL to your wallet from

        • The Jeweler

          xJEWEL can be withdrawn as $JEWEL from the Jeweler and then be transferred to Crystalvale.
          Defi Kingdoms - Bridge from Serendale to Crystalvale - $JEWEL from Serendale Jeweler

        • The Gardens

          Garden $JEWEL rewards can be harvested and then transferred to Crystalvale.
          Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - $JEWEL from Serendale Gardens

        • The Trader

          You can use the Trader in the Marketplace to exchange tokens or questing rewards for $JEWEL which you can then transfer to Crystalvale.
          Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - $JEWEL from Marketplace Trader

        • Purchased with FIAT on Ramp

          You can also use the following guide to transfer FIAT to Harmony and then bridge your assets Crystalvale.


    1. Dockmaster -Bridge from Serendale to Crystalvale

      With $JEWEL in your wallet you can now bridge assets from Harmony blockchain to the DFK Chain on Avalanche. Bridging simply moves your assets from one blockchain to another. To do this visit the Dockmaster and choose bridge tokens.
      Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - Serendale Dockmaster
      Enter the number of tokens you want to move to Crystalvale and click Approve Bridge. Then approve the transaction in your crypto wallet.
      Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - Serendale Dockmaster - $JEWEL Transfer

    2. Dockmaster – Travel to Crystalvale

      Now that your $JEWEL tokens have been successfully bridged, use the Dockmaster to travel to Crystalvale. The new realm does not use a different web interface (the web address is the same).  To move from one realm to another you simply need to access it via the different chain in your wallet. When you click Travel to Crystal Vale, your wallet will pop up asking if you would like to add the DFK Chain to your wallet. This is much easier than manually inputting the DFK Chain RPC details. Once the added, the site will reload and take you to Crystalvale.
      Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - Serendale Dockmaster Transfer to Crystalvale
      Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - Approve DFK Chain in Crypto Wallet

    3. Trade Your Tokens

      Once you have arrived you can exchange your $JEWEL tokens for one of the other tokens currently available on the DFK Chain (xJEWEL, AVAX, USDC etc.). You will need to swap 50% of your $JEWEL for one of these other tokens in order to purchase seeds which can then be planted in the Garden.

      **Note if you use all of your JEWEL to purchase seeds, you will no longer have tokens to pay the gas fees. Plan to leave a small portion of JEWEL in your wallet for transactions.**
      Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - Trade Tokens

    4. Buy Seeds

      Just like Serendale, Crystalvale also has Druid in the Marketplace where you purchase seeds. Using the newly traded tokens and your $JEWEL you can now purchase liquidity pool seeds.
      Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - Crystalvale Buy Seeds

    5. Plant Your Seeds

      With your new seeds in your pocket, head to the Gardens where you can deposit the seeds in the seed box to be planted.Once planted your new gardens will be generating $CRYSTAL
      Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - Crystalvale Plant Seeds

    6. Jeweler

      As you harvest your $CRYSTAL you can deposit it at the Jeweler for xCrystal, or you can use it to compound your returns by purchasing more seeds and depositing them into the Gardens.
      Defi Kingdoms - Bridging from Serendale to Crystalvale - Crystalvale Jeweler xCRYSTAL


Crystalvale and the DFK chain promises to be a great new addition to the DFKverse and we are super excited at the opportunity to get involved at the beginning of a new project.  We are looking forward to new heroes and quests as they become available.


What are your thoughts on the DFK Chain and Crystalvale? Let us know in the comments!

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