How to Transfer to Harmony (ONE)

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Instant settlements, and low gas fees are just some of the great reasons why you should Transfer to Harmony (ONE).  Our complete guide will show you how to purchase and Bridge to the Harmony network.



November 29th 2021| Mike Humphrey


What is Harmony (ONE)

Harmony (ONE) is an Ethereum layer 2 solution that is fully EVM compatible.  Started on the Binance Launchpad, it went live in May of 2019 as a decentralized blockchain platform.  It’s goal is to bridge scalability and decentralization for fungible and non-fungible tokens.  It combines low gas fees (paid in ONE token) and fast transaction speeds.  Harmony (ONE) is home to the crypto gaming platform DeFi Kingdom.


Harmony Wallets

Any Ethereum compatible wallet will work on the Harmony (ONE) network. We recommend Metamask due to its popularity and ease of use.  Below is a list of wallets that will work on Harmony.  For more info and other wallet options read our article about cryptocurrency wallets.


How to Transfer Funds to Harmony

In order to start using Harmony you will need to transfer funds to the Harmony network.  You can do this in one of two ways – purchasing on an exchange or transferring from another network through a bridge.  If you already have funds on Mainnet or on another layer 2 solution proceed to Option 2.

  1. Buy ONE Token on an Exchange

    In order to send funds from an exchange to Harmony you will first have to purchase the ONE token.  If you have a account, you can do this directly without fees.  See the guide below for purchasing and transferring ONE from to Harmony.  Prior to doing this, you must set up your wallet on the Harmony Network (Harmony to Metamaks Guide).

    1. Purchase One

      To purchase ONE sign into your app, and select buy.  Search for the ONE token.  Once selected, choose your payment method, the amount you want to purchase and click purchase. - Purchase and Send Harmony One(1)

    2. Transfer One to Harmony Wallet

      Once the transaction has been approved and gone through on, you can then transfer directly to your wallet.  To do this, open the app, and choose transfer.  Select withdraw, and choose an external wallet as the destination. - Purchase and Send Harmony One(2)

      Add your wallet to the white list by clicking the + symbol in the top right and choosing wallet address.  Select the ONE token. - Purchase and Send Harmony One(3)
      In the new pop-up, choose ERC20 as the network, and enter your wallet address. You can use the QR code and camera on your phone to prevent entry errors.  Add a wallet name so you can distinguish the wallet after.  Click continue and follow the required steps.  If you have 2FA activated, you will need to enter in your security code to complete the - Purchase and Send Harmony One(4) will confirm the transfer and your funds will appear in your Harmony wallet.  If you are using Metamask, you may need to add the ONE coin before you will be able to see it in your wallet. (Harmony to Metamask)

  2. Bridge Funds to Harmony

    If you already have funds, or ERC20 tokens on a different chain that you would like to transfer to Harmony, you can bridge these assets over.  Be sure to check the list of Harmony’s ERC20 (HRC20) tokens before transferring.  Depending on the location of your assets, there are different bridging protocols available.

      • Harmony Bridge (Mainnet & Binance)

        The Harmony Bridge can transfer ERC20 tokens from either the Binance Smart Chain or Etherum Mainnet.  Be aware if you are transferring from Ethereum Mainnet, the fees may be quite high.  If you are transferring from a layer 2 (Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalanche, etc) use one of the other options below that allow you to transfer directly without having to go through the Mainnet.How to Transfer Funds to Harmony - Harmony Bridge

      • Synapse (Multi-Chain)

        Synapse is a cross chain swap protocol that allows you to transfer directly from one layer 2 solution to another.  Synapse also offers several cross chain pools as well as their own nUSD & nEth wrapped tokens.  Use synapse if you have funds currently sitting on an L2 chain that you wish to transfer to Harmony.How to Transfer Funds to Harmony - Synapse Multi-Chain Swap

      • Anyswap (Multi-Chain)

        Like synapse, Anyswap is a cross chain swapping protocol that allows you to bridge assets from one layer 2 solution to another, without the fees of going through the Ethereum Mainnet.How to Transfer Funds to Harmony - Anyswap

      • Terra Bridge (Terra)

        For users of the Terra ecosystem, the Terra bridge allows you to send assets from Layer 1 to Terra, as well as from Terra to Harmony or Binance.  If you have assets on the Terra ecosystem that you want to transfer to Harmony, the Terra bridge with its low fees is the best option.How to Transfer Funds to Harmony - Terra Bridge

Where to Buy One Token

Once you have funds on the Harmony chain, you will need to have One token in your wallet in order to pay gas fees.  When you first bridge funds to Harmony you should receive an airdrop of ONE that can be used for your first transactions.  In order to get more you will need to use a swap protocol.  The following are two swap protocols active on Harmony.



Have you transferred funds to Harmony? Whats your favorite layer 2 solution? Let us know in the comments

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4 thoughts on “How to Transfer to Harmony (ONE)

  1. Hi,

    Happy New Year! I’ve been having problems bridging my FTM in DeFi Kingdoms out of my Harmony ONE wallet and onto my Fantom Opera Meta Mask wallet. I used the dockmaster and in the Router tab on Anyswap selected One mainnet in the “From” section and input a small amount of FTM to be sent to FTM mainnet. After hitting swap and paying the transaction fee I never received the balance in my FTM Meta Mask wallet. I did this transaction over 24 hours ago so by this point I figure those funds are gone but I’m hoping to not lose any more funds on my next go.

    Could you please advise on how to move my FTM in DeFi Kingdoms to my FTM MM wallet? Should I be using an alternative route? Thank you so much in advance for your help! Have a great day!

    1. Hey Rodrigo,

      Sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you reached out to the Anyswap team to find out what happened with your transaction? They have a telegram account, I would try getting in touch with them there first.

      I have tried Anyswap in the past, but personally prefer synapse protocol. I had an issue with a swap on synapse in the past. I spoke with them directly on discord and they were able to troubleshoot it and find a workaround. If Anyswap doesn’t get back to you try synapse.

      FYI cross chain transfers can take a while because its not direct chain to chain, the protocol is transferring into their pool on one chain, confirming the transaction and then transferring out of a second pool on the other chain.

  2. Hi can someone help me…. I used sushiswap to swap $120 worth of USDT (erc20) that I had in my metamask wallet for Harmony ONE tokens & the transaction went thru ok but the Harmony ONE tokens I bought were sent to my etherium mainnet mm account… how do I change these
    ONE (erc20) for ONE tokens on the harmony Mainnet? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      You will have to bridge the tokens over to Harmony. You can look at using the synapse multi-chain transfer protocol. You may need to manually add the ONE token address for Ethereum Mainnet when you make the transfer. Synapse support both Mainnet and Harmony. Check out our article on how to transfer funds to Harmony for more info.

      Hope that helps

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