DeFi Kingdoms Hero Leveling

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You’ve been grinding out the quests, you have the XP and it’s time to level up!  Our guide will have your hero climbing the levels in no time.  Find out how to level up, which stats to focus, on and what items you need for DeFi Kingdoms Hero Leveling.

January 17th 2022| Mike Humphrey


Level Up Requirements

In order to level up, your hero needs to have gained enough experience, collected enough Runes, and have enough JEWEL.

Items Requirements

  • Shvās Rune: Can be found questing with your hero or you can purchase them from the trader in the market place
  • Moshka Rune: Moshka Runes are required to level up past level 10
  • Jewel: You will need 0.1*(hero’s current level) in order to level up


See the diagram below for details on how many Runes are required for levels 1 – 20.

DeFi Kngdoms Hero Leveling - Meditation_Quest_no_pic-1(1)
Source: Defi Kingdoms

Experience Requirements

To level up your hero must have gained enough accumulated XP to fill their experience bar.  For a level 1 hero 2000XP is required in order to become a level 2 hero.  The experience required per level increases as your hero levels up.


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How Leveling Up Works

DeFi Kingdoms Hero Leveling - Rolling Dice

When you level up, your hero has a chance to increase it’s base stats.  Whether a given stat increases, depends on probability and your hero’s primary and secondary classes.  You also have the opportunity to select one stat that is guaranteed to increase by +1 and 2 other stats that each have a 50/50 chance of increasing.  When you level up the algorithm “rolls a die” four times to generating random numbers, which are then used to determine whether a given stat will increase.  The probability for a stat to increase can be can be found in the Hero Base Stats – DeFi Kingdoms Google sheet.

Step 1 – Stat Bonus Selection

The first step in leveling up is choosing the stat bonus.  This is a guaranteed +1 increase for any stat that you select.

DeFi Kingdoms Hero Leveling - Stats Bonuses



Step 2 – Primary Stat Growth (Roll 1)

Step 2 is probability based.  A randomly generated number between 1 – 100 is compared to the primary stat values for your character.  If the number generated is less than or equal to the primary stat value then that stat will increase by +1.  Below is a table showing the Primary Stat Values for a Knight.

DeFi Kingdoms Hero Leveling - Base Stats - Primary Class

For example, if a 50 was rolled for the knight above, Strength (70), Vitality (75), Endurance (75) and Dexterity (55) stats would increase because their stat values are greater than 50.  Intelligence (20), Wisdom (25), Luck (35) and Agility (45) would not increase because their values are less than 50.  The number that is compared to the Primary Stat Value is randomly generated and will be different each time you upgrade.

Step 3 – Secondary Stat Growth (Roll 2)

The secondary stat growth depends on the secondary class of your hero.  A second number between 1 – 100 is randomly generated and is compared to the Secondary Stat Values.  If the number generated during the second roll is less than or equal to the secondary stat values, then that stat will increase by +1.  Below is the Secondary Stat Values for an Archer.

DeFi Kingdoms Hero Upgrades - Base Stats - Secondary Class-1

For example, if the second roll gave us a 19, then Dexterity (20) would increase.  Strength (13.75), Agility (12.5), Vitality (12.5), Endurance (15), Intelligence (10), Wisdom (6.25) and Luck (10) would not increase.

Step 4 – Gaia’s Blessings (Roll 3 & Roll 4)

Finally the two selected stats for Gaia’s Blessing are considered.  Each has a 50/50 chance of a+1 increase.

DeFi Kingdoms Hero Leveling - Gaia's Blessing Bonuses


Choosing Which Stats to Upgrade

Below is a guide on how to optimize the stats you choose for your your hero’s Stat Bonus and Gaia’s Blessing.

  1. Hero Profession & Critical Stats

    Your hero’s profession determines which stats are the most important to focus on.  The following is a list of each profession and the stats that have the greatest impact on successfully performing quests.   The higher these critical stats increase, the greater the rewards your hero will receive when performing quests.

    Mining (Strength & Endurance)
    Gardening (Wisdom & Vitality)
    Foraging (Dexterity & Intelligence)
    Fishing (Agility & Luck)

  2. Compare Profession Stats to Primary Stat Growth Chart

    Once you have determined the profession you want your hero to focus on, compare this to the Hero Base Stats – DeFi Kingdoms Google sheet.  Using the Google sheet identify your hero’s strengths and weaknesses.  The stats that have a high chance of increasing will increase naturally over time as you level up your hero.  If your hero’s base and secondary stat growth do not match your hero’s profession, you can use the stat boosts to increase the chances of these stats increasing when you level up.

    DeFi Kingdoms Hero Leveling - Base Stats - Primary Class
    For example a Knight Forager, needs to increase Dexterity & Intelligence.  However, the chance of increasing intelligence is only 20% and Dexterity is 55%.  For a knight forager choose Intelligence as the guaranteed stat increase and choose Dexterity for the Gaia’s Blessing and Wisdom as the second Gaia’s Blessing. This means that your heroes foraging stats have a greater chance of increasing, but you may also increase your hero’s strength as as Gardener (because high Wisdom and Vitality (75) could allow the hero to be used for gardening).

  3. Choose Stats to Boost

    Once you have identified your hero’s strengths and weaknesses, you can select the stats you want to focus on to when leveling up.  Identify the most critical stats you want to increase and choose these for the guaranteed increases. The next two most important stats and can then be chosen as the Gaia’s Blessing.  Using this strategy you have the highest chance of successfully increasing the most important stats for your hero when leveling up.


Step By Step Guide

  1. Meditation Circle

    To upgrade your hero you must speak with the Esoteric Wanderer in the Meditation Circle.  Be sure you have the required Rune Stones, JEWEL and XP or you will not be able to level up.
    DeFi Kingdoms Hero Upgrades - World Map-1
    DeFi Kingdoms Hero Upgrades - Esoteric Wanderer-1

  2. Select Hero

    Choose the hero you would like to level up by clicking on the plus symbol. This will pull up your inventory of hero NFT’s.

    DeFi Kingdoms Hero Upgrades - Choose Hero

  3. Choose Stat Bonuses

    Once you have selected your Hero you can select 3 different stats for the bonus & Gaia’s Blessing. The stat bonus guarantees a +1 increase to that given stat and the Gaia’s Blessing is a 50/50 chance for each stat selected. All three stats must be different.

    DeFi Kingdoms Hero Upgrades - Choose Stats To Upgrade-1

    Once you have selected your preferred stats, click begin and approve the transaction in your web wallet.

  4. Results

    Once the transaction is successful, a chart showing the stat HP and MP increases will pop-up. You have now successfully upgraded your hero.
    DeFi Kingdoms Hero Upgrades - Level Up Summary-1
    Gget out there and start questing so you can level up again!


Have you leveled up your DeFi Kingdoms hero yet? Let us know in the comments.


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