The Complete Guide to DeFi Kingdom Heroes

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DeFi Kingdom heroes are the newest gaming NFT.  Our complete guide to Defi Kingdoms heroes will teach you everything you need to know and how to buy your first NFT. Be sure to check out our guide on how to level up your hero.



December 27th 2021| Mike Humphrey


Hero Characteristics

Gender, Type & Location


Gender type and location can be found at the very top center of the hero card.  As the Defi Kingdoms game grows these characteristics are expected to become more important.  Location, is likely to integrate with the land NFT’s and hero type may be involved with competitive PvP play.  Scroll over the icons to find details out about each.


  • Dark
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air


  • Desert
  • Swamp
  • City
  • Plains



Class is one of the most important characteristics of a Defi Kingdom Hero.  Each Hero has a class and a sub class, which determine:

  • Base stats and stat increases when leveling up: Class determines what the base stats will be and how likely a given stat will increase when a hero goes up a level.
  • Summoning:  Classes are inherited (thought not directly) from the parent heroes.  Class of the parent heroes is a major factor in determining what the class of a summoned hero will be.
  • Health/Mana distribution:  Health and Mana is determined based on class.

There are 8 basic classes, 4 advanced classes, 2 elite classes and 1 exalted class.  All Generation 0 heroes are one of the 8 basic classes.  Advanced, elite and exalted classes are created through summoning.  Summoning a higher class hero is based on probability.  Each increase in class level requires two parent heroes of the level below it.  In general, 2 basic class parents might create an advanced class, 2 advanced parents might create and elite class, and 2 elite parents might create an exalted class.



Basic Classes

Advanced Classes (Base Stats +5)

Elite Classes (Base Stats +10)

Exalted Class (Base Stats +15)

Your class and subclass determine how your hero will grow over time.  A hero’s stats impact how well they perform quests.

Level, Experience and Generation

As your hero gains experience (shown in the experience bar) it will be able to level up and increase its stats.  See Hero Stats for more details on how leveling up works.

A hero’s generation is determined when it is summoned. A new hero will be 1 generation greater than the highest generation of the two parent hero’s that summoned it. For example a Hero summoned by Gen 1 and Gen 2 parents will be a Gen 3 hero.  The higher the generation, the more expensive it is to use that hero to summon new heroes.  Lower generation heroes are more desirable.


The summons bar, tells you how many times that hero can be used to create a new hero.  Gen 0 heroes have an unlimited number of summons (making them very desirable).  Every other generation is limited.  The number of summons is determined by a heroes parents.  A new hero will have 1 summon less than it’s parents (one less than the parent with the lowest summons remaining).  Summons are not regenerated.  Once the summons run out, there are no more available.



The Health and Mana of a basic hero will sum up to a total of 175.  HP & Mana are split between the two based on class and sub class.  Advanced, elite and exalted heroes have more Health/Mana.

Hero Stats

There are 8 basic hero stats that are determined when the hero is first summoned:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Wisdom
  • Dexterity
  • Vitality
  • Intelligence
  • Luck

These base stats increase when a hero levels up.  The primary and secondary classes determine the probability of a given stat of increasing.  Below is a table showing the probability that Strength will increase during a level up for each of the different hero classes.  Leveling up a stat is similar to rolling a die and tying to get a number less than the probability listed in the table.  If successful the stat will increase.

The DeFi Kingdoms development team has created a google sheet of all the Hero stats and probabilities.  Advanced, elite and exalted heroes have greater base stats than the basic hero classes (See the Hero Classes)

Boosted stats:

A hero’s base stats and the chance of increases during leveling up can be boosted.  A boosted stat will be green, purple or blue.

  • Green: One time +2 to base stat.
  • Blue: Added % chance of stat increasing when leveling up
  • Purple: One time +2 to base state & increased chance stat growth when leveling up.


There are 4 different professions – mining, fishing, gardening, and foraging.  A heroes profession is shown on the back of the card in green.  When completing a profession quest, a hero that has the same profession as the quest will have a reduced stamina cost for the quest.  Each profession is associated with specific character attributes as follows:

  • Mining

    • Strength & Endurance

    Heroes can be sent to the Jewel mine to unlock $Jewel or they can be sent to the gold mines.  Only one hero can be sent at a time to the Jewel mine, but several heroes can be sent to mine $Gold.  Heroes will burn stamina at a set rate per 10 minutes of mining.  Heroes with Mining as their main skill will burn stamina at a lower rate.  The list below shows the preferred hero classes based on their stat increases while leveling up (Strength/Endurance).

    • Dark Knight (85/60)
    • Paladin (80/80)
    • Dragoon (80/70)
    • Warrior (75/65)
    • Knight (70/75)
    • Pirate (70/55)
  • Fishing

    • Agility & Luck

    Fishing quests require a fixed amount of stamina per attempt.  Heroes with Fishing as their main skill will require less stamina per attempt.  Questing heroes may be rewarded with different fish that can be sold for $Gold or later used to create potions.  The list below shows the preferred hero classes based on their stat increases while leveling up (Agility/Luck).

    • Ninja (85/60)
    • Thief (70/65)
    • Sage (75/55)
    • Dread Knight (60/60)
    • Dragoon (65/50)
  • Gardening

    • Wisdom & Vitality

    Gardening quests are done within one’s own Garden and help speed up the growth of $Jewel producing plants.  Increasing a Hero’s gardening skill can lead to more $Jewel rewards and greater chances of finding other resources.  Only one hero can visit a garden at a time.  Heroes will burn stamina at a set rate for every 10 minutes of Gardening.  Heroes with Gardening as their main skill will burn less stamina.  The list below shows the preferred hero classes based on their stat increases while leveling up (Wisdom/Vitality).

    • Sage (90/60)
    • Summoner (85/50)
    • Paladin (65/80)
    • Priest (80/50)
    • Wizard (80/50)
  • Foraging

    • Dexterity & Intelligence

    Foraging allows your hero to pick out useful plants and other items.  As a heroes foraging skill increases, the chances of finding valuable items increases.  Foraging requires a fixed amount of stamina, and multiple heroes can undertake the quest at one time.  Items can be sold in the market place or used to create potions.  The list below shows the preferred hero classes based on their stat increases while leveling up (Dexterity/Intelligence).

    • Dread Knight (75/65)
    • Ninja (75/50)
    • Dark Knight (55/70)
    • Sage (40/90)
    • Summoner (45/85)
    • Archer (80/40)


There are 5 levels of rarity from common to mythic.  The rarity directly impacts the base stats of a hero.  A common hero’s cumulative base stats will be 62.  A heroes base stats increase by +2 for each increase in rarity.

Rarity may be inherited from parents when a new hero is summoned.  The following graph shows the probability of producing progressively rarer offspring.

How to Choose A Hero

Choosing a hero is about finding the best hero for your goals within your price range.

Profession, Stats & Class

When you purchase a hero consider the base stats, it’s class and it’s profession.  The goal is to find a hero with a profession that matches it’s stats, and it’s class.  Check the Heroes stat buffs to see if they align with its profession.  You want to find the best balance between these 3.



Summons & Generation

If you intend to create heroes, the number of summons your hero has and it’s generation are major factors.  The more summons your hero has available the more heroes you can create.  This goes hand in hand with generation.  The higher the generation, the greater the cost to summon new heroes.  Gen 0 heroes have an infinite number of summons and a maximum summoning cost of 30 $Jewel.  This is what makes them so valuable.  A Gen 0 owner can rent out their hero indefinitely without the number of summons decreasing.  Their offspring will also have the maximum possible summons for any pairing.  Two Gen 0 parents will produce offspring with 10 summons.

What you should look for

  • High number of summons
  • Low Generation


The rarer the hero the greater the value.  If you have a choice between two heroes with the same class, stats and profession, the rarer hero is more valuable.

How to Buy a DeFi Kingdom Hero – Step By Step Guide

When choosing which hero to purchase many factors come into play. Are you looking for a hero to summon other heroes or are you looking for a hero to perform profession quests. As the game develops characteristics like type and location may also become more important.  Budget must also be considered, how much $Jewel are you willing to spend to get your hero.  Below we have a step by step guide to find the best hero for completing profession quests.  You can easily find less expensive heroes by expanding your selection criteria to include a wider variety of sub classes and fewer stat buffs.

  1. Speak to Agent in Tavern

    Go to the tavern, speak with the agent and select Buy Hero.

  2. Filter By Class

    Use the profession list and recommended heroes above as a guide for selecting the preferred class for your hero. We will use the mining profession as an example and we will be looking for a basic class hero.  Warriors and Knights are the best basic classes for mining.  In the basics tab choose warrior and knight for both the primary and sub classes and apply the filter.

  3. Filter By Profession and Buffs

    Select the attributes tab and choose a profession and corresponding stat bonuses.  In our case this will be Mining, Strength and Endurance.  Apply the filter to see the results.

  4. Flip and Compare Stats

    Flip all the hero cards over to see a breakdown of their respective stats.  Compare the total points for your selected profession (add the stats for the 2 skills required for your given profession together).  Also compare the buffs for these stats.  Green buffs are a one time increase whereas blue and purple improve stats when your hero levels up.

  5. Compare Summons

    Choose the best candidates and flip them over to compare the number of summons they have available and their generation. The higher the summons and the lower the generation the better.

  6. Select and Buy Hero

    After filtering all of the heroes, comparing their stats and their buffs, there are 2 heroes we would consider.  The highlighted hero on the left is a Gen 3 with 7/8 remaining summons.  The hero on the right is a Gen 2 with 2/5 summons.  The hero on the right has much better buffs, but also costs more than twice as much as the hero on the left.  If you plan to summon more heroes, the hero on the left is a better choice.  If your goal is to purchase the best mining hero than the hero on the right would be the better option.


Heroes in DeFi kingdoms have a ton of uses, many of which have not been fully released yet.  As people continue to quest with their heroes and level them up valuing heroes will become more and more challenging.  We hope this guide has helped you to better understand the characteristics of heroes, what makes them valuable.  Good luck, and we hope to see you in Serendale!


Do you own a DFK Hero?  Let us know in the comments

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